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Interview With Dr. Oliver Eslinger

Dr. Oliver Eslinger

Interview Conducted 10/6/2008

Photo/Stanley Hu

Photo/Stanley Hu

The California Institute of Technology (Cal Tech) Men’s Basketball program has not won a Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference game in 23 seasons.

In September 2008, the school hired a doctor to remedy the situation – Oliver Eslinger.

Eslinger, who was previously an assistant basketball coach for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Engineers, brings a wealth of knowledge in both basketball and sports psychology.

He was a starting guard at Clark University in Worcester, Mass. and possesses a doctorate in counseling psychology from Boston University with a specialization in sports psychology.

He was a co-founder of Top Game Sports Consulting in 2003 and has worked with athletes and teams as a sports and performance consultant. He served as a consultant to the 2003 United States Women’s World FIFA Cup Soccer Team.

For a student body with some of the greatest young minds in sciences and engineering and faculty rife with Nobel Prize winners and world-renowned researchers, Eslinger has already realized that members of the Cal Tech community are equally interested in the Men’s Basketball program. Continue reading